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The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut

In time for Christmas:Just Released:

Full color.....Print copy available from Create Space.Average Age 1-105:

Told by Peanut himself in 2,600-word prose-'n-verse with 48 colorful photographs, this story is a must read from adults as well as children. Peanut is a delight to meet and stays alive from the first page to the last. You will love Peanut.

I keep looking at how cute she is, finally, I approach her and ask, "Dolly are you real? Want to play a game with me? We can used this nice round nut for a ball."

"I see you Peanut," the lady says. "I didn't say you could come inside my house. You must wait until dinner time."

"Please, I'll just take one to keep me going."


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Cara Shipp I wanted to let you know that the kids love Peanut and Dalton really identified with the Trouble. We have been reading a little at a time and will see tonight about him being in more trouble. Thanks we love it!!! We absolutely recommend it!!!! My children are 2, 3 and 8! =)
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"For everyone who is a fan of great photography as well as adorable squirrels, this book is a must read for the kids. Even young adults would like this book. It is out on E-books downloads, and it is one of the most charming "novels in verse" I have read in this genre. You are sure to be captivated by Peanut, as was I!"
Barbra Nightingale, Award-winning American Poet, Published Author and English Professor at Broward College, FL
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"Please lady, don't feed that snake. Let him move on!"

The Adventures of A Squirrel Named Peanut is a photo book about the cutest little squirrel whose name is Peanut. The photographs--taken by the author herself--are excellent and add so much detail to this book that the prose comes to life because of them.
Peanut narrates this charming story, which is broken into eleven little adventures. Peanut is a delight... from his scratching at the screen for food to eating out of the author's hand to eating a potted avocado plant... he's as irresistible to the reader as he is to his benefactor!
Valerie J. Patterson, author of Honor Thy Neighbor
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This is NOT from the book told by Peanut, but it
is what happened when I returned home from a sea cruise in January 2010:
This morning I think that all the squirrels that live in the surrounding forest, especially the one I named Peanut, have come licky-de-split to my bedroom sliding door for breakfast. I hand-feed them peanuts. After I left my daily reporting job at a newspaper, a few years ago, it took a while to tame these wild little critters. But after one winter of being very patient and offering them peanuts, they got the idea that I was their friend for life. First, Peanut came to know me. He often came to my back patio door and then as more squirrels started visiting, he moved to the bedroom door to get away from his little too-playful friends and also the aggressive bums that pushed him out of line. So now Peanut has learned that when he gets chased off from one door, to he must high-tail it to the other.

While on our sea cruise to Mexico a young friend named Billy stayed at my house to dog-set for my best buddy Blacky.

I had forgotten to mention to Billy that Peanut comes regularly at mealtime and that if he doesn’t see a person coming toward him, he will scratch until he gets human attention. So, upon talking to Billy after returning from the cruise, Billy said quite sincerely, “When it was time to feed Blacky there was always a squirrel trying to get in… I waited for it to leave before I went out. I knew if it came in, I’d never get it out.”

“Oh, that’s Peanut,” I said. “He’s my pet squirrel.”

“Thanks for telling me,” he said.

On our sea voyage, the four in our group had a really awesome time. We sailed to Costa Maya, spend a wonderful fun-filled family day walking through the old section along the beach and then stopping under the palms and drinking Coronita beer and tequila shots. (We made it back to the ship on time!!!)

The next day we were in Cozumel and then back on board for another day of sunning, eating, walking and gambling at sea.

Of course, coming back into Tampa Bay was delightful though it was a bit cooler than the penetrating Mexican sunshine.

Regardless of the good vacation times with family, being back home is grand. Blacky barked at me for a while—telling me off and of everything that had gone on while I was gone. (He loves me so much.) Visited with my daughter already. Been to Yoga and have read most of my email.

Just fed Blacky… he gets special treats with his daily meal: chipped hotdog fried in sausage grease or chicken lives make him a happy dog.

Woops, Peanut is scratching at my door. I got ‘ta run……..

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